How to use catnip to train better cat behaviours

How to use catnip to train better cat behaviours

If you own a cat, you know well that felines have a mind all of their own. Cats often have behaviours that don’t “gel” well with what their humans consider the proper way to treat their house. Though much more research has been devoted to the training of dogs, cats are both highly intelligent and trainable. Cats are particularly food motivated and respond well to positive reinforcement protocols. Many cats also react well to the use of the catnip plant. Catnip effects on cats are well-documented. Is it possible that learning how to use catnip in training can help your cat develop more desirable behaviours? Could catnip help your cat learn better manners?


 Using Catnip to Increase Learning

Though research suggests that only 70 to 80 percent of all cats respond favorably to catnip, those who do love it reap tremendous benefits from it. Nepactalone, the substance found in the catnip plant, is responsible for buying Viagra online changes which are conducive to learning. One of the most common catnip effects on cats is an intense feeling of relaxation and calm. When a cat is overstimulated, it is far more difficult for them to learn. Since catnip helps anxious cats to be more “zen,” it leaves them feeling far more tranquil and apt to focus on training exercises. This is but one of the reasons learning how to use catnip to train better behaviours is so important to your cat’s emotional well-being.

Among the more common changes in cats affected by catnip are:

  • A feeling of euphoria
  • Calmness
  • Increased rolling and rubbing
  • Higher food drive
  • Greater interest in learning

All of these behaviours can be advantageous training opportunities for teaching fans of the catnip plant more appropriate household social skills.

Using Catnip To Reinforce Correct Behaviours

Sometimes the things you’d like to change in your cat can be accomplished using a tool known as redirecting. Experts have many tips to offer on how to use catnip to yield the greatest results from this sophisticated training technique.

If your cat has a penchant for ignoring the expensive scratching post you special ordered in for him in favour of leaving his “mark” on your favourite antique sofa, adding the catnip plant into your training routine can help immeasurably. By sprinkling crushed and dried catnip leaves over the surface of the scratching post, your cat will naturally be drawn to its irresistible smell. Catnip takes the effort out of this training technique. Its powerful aroma will draw your cat to it like a magnet. Since cats are naturally drawn to things that smell good, the added catnip effect on cats of feeling good will keep him coming back time and time again. Problem solved! By using catnip in your redirection efforts, you can move your cat away from what you don’t want to be the object of his affection and toward the place designed for him to scratch to his heart’s content.


Using Catnip as a Reward

Cats love treats as much as we do! Often the most effective way to train a new modafinil is by rewarding good behaviour while ignoring the things we don’t wish to see repeated. Here is where catnip truly shines. Since catnip’s effects on cats generally last only ten minutes, it is a treat that can be administered throughout the day for maximum efficacy. When you find your cat displaying a behaviour you would like to see repeated, you can make use of a clicker to mark it then reward it with a catnip treat. Your cat will soon associate the behaviour with his reward and begin to offer it more frequently. You will be amazed by how quickly you see positive changes in your cat. The catnip plant works training wonders!

Got a cat who would benefit from learning some new manners? Consider adding catnip into your training regimen. By learning how to use catnip to its utmost potential, you will see amazing changes you never thought possible. For more information on how catnip can enhance your training plans, contact the experts at Natural Toys 4 Cat!

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