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Find Out Why Cats Love Silvervine, Gall Fruit and Catnip More

100% Non-Toxic

Our cat toys are completely non-toxic, meaning your cat can spend every waking moment playing with their toys while staying safe at all times

Longer Playtime

Our natural cat toys are designed to help keep your cat engaged and enjoying the fun for a lot longer than you’re probably used to.

Product Features

We designed all of our toys from Silvervine, Gall Fruits, Catnip and other natural materials that include the following 4 different cat toy features

Long Lasting

Our cat toys are long-lasting and aren’t prone to brittleness or breakage

Instinct Based

The design and build of our toys activate your cat’s innate hunting instincts.

Product Category

Unlike other cat toys, ours are made using one-hundred percent natural materials. You’re guaranteed safety and high-quality cat toys with every purr-chase!

Ball & Chasing

Our variety of special designed balls will help your feline friend to exercise more than usual.


The design and build of our toys activate your cat’s innate hunting instincts.

Dental Clean

With dental clean function toy, it helps your cay to play and also clean their teeth by safety natural materials.


We designed variety of chew toy to help your fur baby to satisfy their chewing desire with often


All different types of jumbo vegetables and fishes with 100% pure catnip or shred silvervine with no other filler.


We use all-natural Peacock, Pheasant Feather and Corn Leaves to make 3 different types of cat teaser to let your and your fur baby to having.

Natural Collection


Natural Materials


We take pride in turning playtime into Fun time with our different collections of Natural cat toys

Where to buy

Visit our website, find us on Amazon Canada, or Shop at selected pet stores to treat your cat to the most natural playtime of their lives – all nine of them!

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