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We at Natural Cat Toy are passionate about our cats and our toys. We understand how devoted you are to your cat and we are just as much devoted to you! Your cat is as important to us as our own, and thus we are dedicated to providing you and your cat the very best. We are super proud of our collection as it is designed exclusively with cats in mind. We take pride in all our toys as they are made from 100 percent natural products. We celebrate our creativity and workmanship. And we guarantee the safety of our products as they will bring no harm to you or your cat.

We hope you and your cat enjoy our products.

About Us

Our cats are family. These majestic mini-canines bring so much joy to our lives with their grace, sass, moodiness, and intelligence. As every cat parent would have you believe, we all develop a bond with our cat that cannot be encapsulated in words. From play times where our excited little kittens or lazy adults widen their eyes and twitch their whiskers to feeding times when our feline babies meow with attitude to remind us their bowl is half empty, all times spent with cats give us something to laugh or gush about afterward.

How to make your cat happy?

Cats are family, and we choose only the best for our family. All responsible cat parents believe in taking care of their special cat buddy in a holistic manner. We want nothing to pose a threat to their well-being because we love them and care a lot about them. We want them to stay healthy, so we establish a proper dietary routine for our babies. We also try to give our cat at least an hour of exclusive playtime.

This playtime is essential for you and your cat. It will relax you and give you a chance to witness some adorable cat antics, and it will engage your cat and make him/her happier by allowing you to foster a deep interaction oriented bond with your kitty. Playtime can be made more interesting by the inclusion of natural treats for cats and interactive cat toys.

How do we help you make your cat happy?

Here’s where our part comes in. We manufacture a hundred percent safe natural toys for your feline babies. Natural toys are fully organic and cat-friendly which means that none of the toys in both our regular and DIY collection will pose a health threat to your cat.

On the contrary, these toys would increase your cat’s activity and get him on his paws. Synthetic toys make use of artificial materials and toxins that can seriously impact your cat’s health, but natural toys do not threaten your cat’s well-being. They enhance they perform activities and boost their health so what are you even waiting for? Check out our collection right now for a series of cat-safe, Eco-Friendly natural toys.


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