The Silvervine Plant—The Kitty’s Cannabis

With stress and pressure at an all-time high, it’s no wonder that people are looking for a way to blow off a little steam. The recent legalization of cannabis in Canada has paved the way for this substance to play a role in helping to alleviate pressure in the lives of many Canadians. But people aren’t the only ones who could do with a little “mellowing.” Some of today’s cats also suffer from anxiety, fear, and even stress, and are in need of some good old-fashioned “R&R.” Humans have cannabis, and cats have the Silvervine plant. These two distinctly different plants differ in origins yet offer surprisingly similar effects. Is the Silvervine plant the kitty’s cannabis?

The Silvervine Plant and Cannabis—Similar?

Studies show that Silvervine effects on cats are remarkably similar to the impact of cannabis in humans. While cannabis draws its potency from a combination of cannabinoids and THC, the Silvervine plant contains a substance known as nepectalone. Though entirely different compounds, the powerhouse Silvervine for cats shares common reactions in cats to cannabis in humans. These include:

  • A shortterm “high”
  • Sleepiness
  • Reduced anxiety
  • An improved sense of calm

Many wonder how a simple plant can achieve such results. While an understanding of how cannabis affects the body is much more common knowledge, fewer people understand just what gives Silvervine for cats its powerful punch.

How does Silvervine work? Crushed or bruised leaves of the Silvervine plant emit nepectalone which triggers the release of powerful pheromones, “the feel good” hormone. As a result, anxieties are reduced and a sense of tranquility settles over the cat.

The Silvervine Plant and Cannabis—Are They Safe to Use?

Used in moderation and sourced responsibly, both the Silvervine plant and cannabis are safe products. To ensure the proper and most effective use of either plant, it is wise to err on the side of caution and begin with a minimum dose of the herb and increase marginally until you find your tolerance level.

Overconsumption of cannabis or the Silvervine plant is entirely possible. It is important to note that excess consumption can lead to ill health effects such as vomiting, excessive hunger, overstimulation, and diarrhea, but in the case of both Silvervine for cats and cannabis, these symptom abates as the substance in question exits the bloodstream.

The Silvervine Plant and Cannabis—How Are They Used?

Both the Silvervine plant and cannabis are versatile plants. You can safely bake treats with either of them and even add the dried ground leaves as a topping on food. While cannabis can also be smoked or rendered into oil, the best Silvervine effects for cats are often experienced merely by sprinkling the dried herbs over a cat’s favorite toys or scratching post.

The Silvervine Plant and Cannabis—Can They Improve Overall Health?

While the use of cannabis or the Silvervine plant is known to have benefits on emotional health, it is not as widely understood that there are physical gains to be reaped as well. Interestingly enough, these two herbs deliver similar health benefits to their consumers, whether the subject in question is of the feline or human sort.

Among the health benefits both cannabis and the Silvervine plant can deliver are the following:

  • Reduced nausea and gastrointestinal distress
  • Enhanced muscle relaxation
  • Improved mood
  • Increased desirable behavior traits
  • Reduced incidents of depression
  • Less compulsive behavior

With all of these things to gain and more, it’s not hard to see why families love the Silvervine effects on their cats!

Yes, the Silvervine plant IS the kitty’s cannabis!

As a cat owner, you want the best for your cat, and that includes his emotional health and well-being. Silvervine effects on cats are well-documented. The Silvervine plant provides a safe and healthy approach to managing stress in our favorite felines.

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