The best Fun Games with Catnip!

Keeping your cat’s brain stimulated is an excellent way to ensure he is physically

and mentally healthy. But adding catnip into the mix is a great way to spice up Frisky’s favorite cat chew toys. Catnip makes everything better, and learning how to use catnip to enhance your cat’s favourite games is an excellent means to support his health and well-being.

The Benefits of Catnip and Brain Games

Cats can easily become overstimulated and stressed, and many owners struggle with finding a means to help them relax. Catnip is an herb renowned for its calming effects. It is a natural stress-relieving substance and is also known to combat nervousness and irritability in cats. Learning how to use catnip in connection with brain games can help your cat achieve a more tranquil state which is conducive to learning.

But best of all, catnip often reduces even the most stoic of cats to kitten-like behaviour. Many owners note that cats exposed to small amounts of the crushed herb exhibit more playful, buoyant behaviour which is excellent for their mental health and also provides a boost to their cardiovascular and immune systems. When the leaves of the catnip plant are dried and crushed, they emit a potent fragrance that is irresistible to many cats. Since many felines are drawn to it like a magnet, catnip makes an ideal additive to cat chew toys, and many owners claim baking with it yields the best cat treats.

Games to Try

Most cats enjoy catnip, and since it is a natural mood-booster with no side effects, incorporating its use into Frisky’s regular game time is an excellent way to relieve stress and improve cognitive function all at once.  Here is a list of three fun games with catnip for your beloved feline to try:

  • Cat Fishing

Cat Fishing is will soon become your cat’s favourite game to play. Find a stick the length of a standard fishing pole and attach a string to it. At the end of the string, attach a small sock which contains some catnip. Hold the “fishing pole” above your cat’s head or use it to trace circles on the floor to “catch” your cat. When your cat nears his prize, gently move the pole away from him to increase his interest in the game.

  • Puzzle Me This

Some of the best cat toys are interactive puzzles. However, you don’t have to spend a fortune on a fancy one from a pet store to have a little fun with your favourite feline. Armed with a shoebox, cat treats, and a few cat chew toys, you can learn how to use catnip to make your own puzzle game your cat will love.

To set up the game, simply cut various size holes in your shoebox and fill it with the appropriate treats. Cat chew toys can be sprinkled with catnip to increase your cat’s desire to find the hidden treasures. Once all toys and treats are secured in the box, close then tape the lid, and place the box directly next to your cat. Frisky will have the time of his life trying to unearth the goodies which lie within!

  • Bring It!

Who says cats can’t learn to fetch? Since cats are naturally drawn to chase prey, fetch appeals to their most primal instincts. Select a cat toy that has been liberally sprinkled with catnip and toss it across the floor. Your cat will chase after his prize with glee and often will even return the object to you for your praise. Be sure to name the action “Bring it!” and reward your cat with your very best cat treats to ensure that Frisky will want to “Bring it!” again and again.


Ready to try some fun new brain games with your cat?

Learning how to use catnip as a part of your cat’s play time can help enrich his brain and his body. To learn more about how catnip can benefit your favourite feline, contact the experts at Natural Toys 4 Cat.

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