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Sunflower Catnip Paper Flower



Product Features:

  • New innovative paper flower feature to integrate catnip into the paper material
  • 100% natural – Fully organic, ground catnip
  • Aromatic catnip as a natural cat stimulant
  • Cat-Friendly and natural silver vine stick
  • Eco-Friendly/ recyclable components

Product Material: Catnip, Ricepaper, Silvervine Stick/Gall Fruit


Every pet enjoys a long afternoon’s sleep in the sun. Purrfurrably, following a vigorous play session. With this combination of our fantastic catnip sunflower petals and silver vine stem, you can take your cat higher than the summer heat. Allow the sun to shine!
What’s more, this Sunflower Catnip Paper Flower is part of our new innovative feature that incorporates catnip into rice paper material. This new invention makes it possible for us to not only make a unique product, but also allows us to provide sensitive, safe, and well-thought-of cat toy products for our clients. It’s not easy to pull off a flower-shaped catnip toy, but we were able to.
Nepetalactone is a natural substance found in catnip that drives cats bananas and provides them with moments of good bliss. The essential oil of the catnip plant contains Nepetalactone. This essential oil content is potent in the flower pistils and lowers in the leaves and stems.
Is your cat a fan of the scent of fresh catnip? Look no further! Carefully selected from the finest produce, our Sunflower Catnip Paper Flower is made entirely of leaf and flower-top material for a more powerful, premium combination.
Do you want to know how to spot a superb catnip-mulched leaf and flower cut? In there, look for the small bell-shaped bits (the pistils). They have the highest concentration of essential oil. They’re flower top fragments. Then there are the leaf and stem fragments. The leaf and flower cut will be more powerful if there are more bells in the mix! Committed to our craft, we always carefully pick the fresh-looking, green mix.
Sunflowers can brighten anyone’s day. Even for our kitty cats. Send flowers to those you care about! All of the flower petals are packed with biodegradable, natural catnip. As a result, your cat will be ecstatic to receive flowers from you!

Include: Catnip Flower

Material: Silver Vine Gall Fruit, Silver Vine Stick, Catnip Ricepaper.

Category: Catnip, Silver Vine, Dental Clean

Weight 25.6 g
Dimensions 11.7 × 9 × 2.1 cm


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