Silver Vine Vegetable Roll



This cat toy contains:

  • Natural aromatic Silver Vine Stick
  • Three rolls of chewable silver vine lumber
  • Braided Au natural hemp cords
  • Eco-friendly parts

Product Materials

Silver Vine Sticks, Hemp Cord

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This Silver Vine Vegetable is perfect for a picky cat because of its shape and size. The cat toy consists of a pure silver line stick with three rolls of silver vine lumber beaded on it horizontally. The organic lumber sticks have on each end three braided hemp chords to entice your kitten to pounce on the silver vine toy.

Watch your cat as he shifts back, preparing to attack this chewy cat toy with his tail gingerly moving from side to side and pupils dilating. He would make an adorable specimen. Why do you think this toy will get your cat in such an excitable state? Well, the answer is a silver vine.

Silver vine is a plant which is known for its ability to attract cats and heighten their senses. Just like cat nip. But some cats don’t respond to catnip infused toys. According to research conducted on domesticated cats, silver vine toys can be an alternative to cat nip because they contain similar compounds which arouse the olfactory senses in cats. Seventy percent of the cats which were nonresponsive to catnip ended up getting all playful under the influence of silver vine.

So, if you and your cat are missing the whole catnip experience, don’t worry. You might be able to observe the adorableness at play with the silver vine. The best thing about this veggie roll is that it is entirely safe because all the items used to come from natural feline friendly sources. If your cat is biting into this toy, let him. Nothing has ever been safer and more exciting for him.

Include: Silver Vine Vegetable Roll X 1

Material: Silver Vine Stick, Hemp Cord.

Category: Silver vine, Dental Clean, Chew Toy.


Weight 66 g
Dimensions 26 × 19 × 2 cm

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