Silver Vine Magic Broom



This adorable cat toy consists of:

  • An organic silver vine stick
  • Hemp cord tussles
  • Organic silver vine powder
  • Light and interactive shape
  • Environmentally friendly and recyclable parts

Product Materials

Silver Vine Stick, Silver Vine Powder, Hemp Cord

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Aw. Look at this miniature broom. Now imagine it under your kitten’s adorable paws. Isn’t that a mental picture that deserves to become a reality? If that visual was not enough for you, let us explain how this cool cat toy would make your cat blissfully happy. Now the toy consists of a silver vine stick with hemp chord tussles on one end, giving it the aesthetic of a cute little broom. But there is more going on too. Those chords are dusted with organic silver vine powder.

Silver vine is a plant that works on eighty percent of the feline kind. It activates their olfactory senses, makes them more alert, energetic and even euphoric. The plant exists in the wild, so it is a harmless way of rousing your kitty’s hunting instincts and having a play session that is fully satisfactory for both of you.

Plus with silver vine, you will get to see your normally noble cat turn into a silly joyful kitten. Since cats are usually so poised and composed, who wouldn’t want to catch them be their silly self?

Silver vine stick works, but silver vine powder is even quicker in activating your cat’s reflexes and making it carefree and happy. This miniature broom, owing to its small shape, particular aesthetic and natural potency will have your cat swooning over it soon. Out of cat gift items, this is a special one.

Include: Silver vine Magic Broom X 1

Material: Silver vine Stick, Silver vine Powder, Hemp Cord.

Category: Silver vine, Chew Toys.


Weight 8 g
Dimensions 15 × 7 × 1 cm

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