Insect Teaser Toy



This DIY Cat Toy set features:

  • Naturally Fragrant Silver Vine Sticks (4 short, 1 long)
  • Short and Long Braided Hemp Ropes
  • A hanging ring and a hanging wooden rod
  • A dangly elastic cord
  • A needle bar
  • An illustrated instruction manual
  • Fully eco- friendly components

Product Materials

Silver Vine Stick, Hemp Cord, Wood Stick, Elastic Cord

DIY Instruction

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Watching your cat as he leaps and pounces on this insect teaser toy right after you have constructed it would feel so fulfilling. With our DIY cat toy collection, you can make cat toys yourself by following step by step instructions which come with each toy set. This matatabi cat toy is easy to make, and it will arouse your feline buddy’s interest almost immediately. This cool cat toy would make a great gift for a cat lover so if you know one of those; this is the DIY set to the bag. It will help them explore and expand their creative limits while doing something special for their dear cat.

As with all of our collection, this toy consists of natural ingredients which are completely safe for your cat. This chewy cat toy consists of a long elastic cord tied to a wood stick. From one end of the elastic cord dangles the insect. The insect is made up of silver vine sticks and hemp cords, and you can follow the steps in the manual to construct it separately. When you dangle the toy in front of your cat, he will be enticed to attack it because, as we all know, dangling ropes and cords almost always catch feline attention.

Also, the central piece is made up of a plant which is very dear to all things feline; silver vine. Silver vine is a plant which consists natural compounds that stimulate a cat’s olfactory response and heighten its instinctive senses making it far more active, energetic, playful and even silly. This silver vine cat toy is sure to become your cat’s favorite.

Include: Insect Teaser Toy Materials Package X 1

Material: Silver Vine Stick, Hemp Cord, Wood Stick, Elastic Cord.

Category: Silver Vine, D.I.Y., Teaser.


Weight 0.2 g
Dimensions 9 × 5 × 1.5 cm

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