Catnip&Bud Powder

Extra Fancy Catnip Buds – Finev(10g)



Product Features:

  • Strong Natural cat stimulant
  • Fragrance attractive to cats
  • Lidded tin storage container for product
  • Buds harvested at peak oil production, increasing potency.
  • Your cat will purr for more!

Product Material: Catnip Buds


Treat your cats with some of these fancy catnip buds, made from the finest catnip blossom. All cats adore them; they are natural and pure and in bud form, work well and quickly. Catnip buds leave your cats feeling calm and cool, tranquil and relaxed, and always, in a great mood! They not only soothe cats but also, delight them. Your cats will be purring for more.
Catnip buds, similar to catnip sticks but in bud form, are well priced, are the best cat treats ever, and are not just tasty but extremely soothing too. They’re harvested at the peak of the season when they’re most potent.
Cat lovers – don’t miss out on these buds, they’re extra fancy!

Include: Extra Fency Catnip Buds (10 g) X 1

Material: Fine Catnip Buds.

Category: Catnip, D.I.Y.

Weight 26 g
Dimensions 12 × 9 × 2.1 cm


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