Catnip&Bud Powder
Silvervine Gall Fruit&Powder

Silvervine Gall Fruit/Catnip Powder Combi (10g) x2



Product Features:

  • Natural cat stimulant
  • Fragrance attractive to cats
  • Lidded tin storage container for product
  • Natural Material
  • Eco-Friendly/ recyclable components

Product Material: Matatabi(SilverVine)Gall Fruit


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Want to see your cat blissfully happy? Introduce him to catnip. Catnip is a natural herb that cats just cannot get over. It drives cats adorably crazy, inducing euphoric and pleasant feelings in them. While some cats get playful and energetic, others prefer relaxing and slipping into a state of feline Zen.
Catnip is not addictive, and it is completely safe for feline ingestion which is why it is the best way to give your cat a bit of a harmless high. The silver vine plant occurs in nature and contains compounds that stimulate a cat’s olfactory senses, making it feel warm and fuzzy. Silvervine, just like catnip, is completely safe and cats don’t get addicted to it.
This cute silver snuff box comes with ten grams of kitty pleasure. The catnip power has been grinded from the most potent and fragrant of catnip leaves, and the other powder was grinded from picked silver vine gall fruits, so it is potent enough to overwhelm your whiskered buddy with pleasant sensations. you can use it to treat your cat’s senses at any time.
Sprinkle a bit of powder on that new scratching post you bought last week to ensure your cat uses it or that old cat toy to make it more appealing in the eyes of your cat. You can even slip a little bit in a new cat bed or cat tree as a present

Include: Catnip Powder(10g)X1/SilverVine Gall Fruit Powder(10 g) X 1

Material: Catnip/Silver Vine Gall Fruit.

Category: Catnip, Silver Vine, D.I.Y.

Weight 60 g
Dimensions 12 × 9 × 2.1 cm


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