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Shark Skeleton Silvervine Gall Fruit Skewer/Dental Clean Toy



Product Features:

  • Significantly contains additional silvervine gall fruit, which smells stronger and works better than the basic silvervine
  • Encourages fun reactions such as hitting, smacking, and rolling
  • Lidded tin storage container for product
  • Natural Material
  • Eco-Friendly/ recyclable components

Product Material: Matatabi(SilverVine)Gall Fruit, Shark Skeleton, Hemp Rope


Cats experience a euphoric experience when exposed to silvervine material, exhibiting behaviors such as tossing, chin and cheek rubbing, licking, drooling and meowing. Our kitties react differently to the substance, but the bottom line is that they all go crazy over it. The effects usually last between 5 and 30 minutes. Imagine what they would feel when they experience a more intense stimulant?
Silvervine, while similar to catnip, is more powerful owing to the combination of two cat attractants as compared to catnip’s single. This Celestial Globe Matatabi Handmade Ball is coated with aromatic silvervine and ripe silvervine gall fruit on each connecting edge of the ball, which makes cats go crazy over.
From the first smell, this coat will excite your feline’s senses more than the standard silvervine sticks. Allow the games to begin with a short sniff of this strong catnip alternative. It can elicit playful behaviors here and there like body rolling, rubbing, and batting.
In terms of initial attractiveness to an object containing silvervine made from dried fruit galls and time spent engaging with it, cats prefer silvervine over catnip. Think about what it would do if your kitty was to have a taste of both worlds? Silvervine is exactly what the doctor prescribes if your cat isn’t responding to catnip or has gotten tired with it.
This Celestial Globe Matatabi Handmade Ball contains catnip inside the ball, while also featuring silvervine assembled in the outside sticks. Add these to the aromatic silvervine lumber coating on each edge of the ball, and notice why this toy is exactly what the doctor prescribes for your house cat.
Your cat’s general health may benefit from the Celestial Globe Matatabi Handmade Ball. A cat’s mental and physical well-being can be improved by just hanging out for a few minutes in the ecstatic state caused by these silvervine sticks. It has the potential to reduce tension and anxiety, improve natural hunting abilities, and possibly have therapeutic properties.

Include: SilverVine Gall Fruit, Sticks, Catnip Ball

Material: Silver Vine Gall Fruit, Silver Vine Stick, Catnip Ball.

Category: Catnip, Silver Vine, Chasing

Weight 25.6 g
Dimensions 11.7 × 9 × 2.1 cm
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Gall Fruit Skewer, Gall Fruit Dental Clean Toy


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