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Carnation/Sunflower/Rose Catnip Paper Flower



Product Features:

  • New innovative paper flower feature to integrate catnip into the paper material
  • 100% natural – Fully organic, ground catnip
  • Aromatic catnip as a natural cat stimulant
  • Cat-Friendly and natural silver vine stick
  • Eco-Friendly/ recyclable components

Product Material: Catnip, Ricepaper, Silvervine Stick/Gall Fruit


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We love our little felines. Even as you receive gifts for your Valentine’s date, cat lovers like us would go the extra mile whenever we get the chance to show love to our lovely kitties. One way you can do this is by gifting them flowers. Not just any flower, but carnation catnip paper flowers. Cats love the smell of fresh catnip. This Carnation Catnip Paper Flower captures this beloved smell and brings out your kitty’s warm fuzziness!
What’s more, this carnation catnip paper flower is part of our new innovative feature that incorporates catnip into rice paper material. This new invention makes it possible for us to not only make a unique product, but it also allows us to provide sensitive, safe and well-thought-of cat toy products.
Each flower petal of this Carnation Catnip Paper Flower is made of fresh catnip attached to a sturdy, silver vine stick. Both sides of the paper are filled with freshly smashed catnip petals, which cats love to touch, roll on, and even lick. These flower-shaped toys are also the most exhilarating. For cats who are sensitive to the herb, a smell will put them in a euphoric condition for around 10 minutes. Catnip, whether fresh or dried, may inspire adult cats to act like kittens, rolling around on the floor and playing with toys.
Catnip paper toys, just like a bouquet of flowers, are best enjoyed when fresh. They are very appealing within the first week of being opened, but will last longer when stored inside the packaging when not in use.
By conserving the environment, we are keen on providing sustainable products that are environmentally friendly. When the excitement has worn off, catnip paper toys are entirely biodegradable and compostable. They may possibly be recyclable, however, recycling kitty-drool-covered paper is not a good suggestion, is it?

Include: Catnip Flower

Material: Silver Vine Gall Fruit, Silver Vine Stick, Catnip Ball.

Category: Catnip, Silver Vine, Dental Clean

Weight 25.6 g
Dimensions 11.7 × 9 × 2.1 cm
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Carnation, Sunflower, Rose


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