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Silver Vine Cat Teaser Peacock & Corn Feather Combo



This cat toy features:

  • Au natural assorted feathers
  • Fluttery corn leaves
  • Organic Silver vine sticks and chewable silver vine stick
  • Switchable functional teaser heads to keep your cat’s excitement

Product Materials

Silver Vine Sticks, Corn Leaf, Peacock Feathers, Feathers

Your cats are going to love this silver vine cat toy and you and your cats will play with it for hours, giving your cat tons of fun while also, relaxing, soothing, and delighting her.
You can alternate the feathers and the corn to keep your cat stimulated and excited. The feathers will flutter while your cat tries to chase and box them; the corn makes a noise keeping your cat intrigued and entertained.
This silver vine cat toy is fun, healthy, relaxing and will have your cat purring, meowing, rubbing your leg, and being extremely friendly! The cat toy with its switchable teaser head is long-lasting and always exciting for your cat.

Include: Silver Vine Corn Feather Teaser Head/Peacock Featehr Teaser Head X 1

Material: Silver Vine Stick, Corn Leaf, Peacock Feather.

Category: Silver vine, Teaser Toy.


Weight 240.5 g
Dimensions 40.7 × 9.6 × 4.8 cm
Choose Size

40cm/15.75"handle, 25cm/9.85"handle


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