D.I.Y. Silver Vine Lemon Cat Toy



This ethical DIY Cat Toy Kit consists of:

  • Vibrant yellow lemon shaped nonwoven fabric cutouts
  • Finest ground silver vine shreds
  • A sewing kit
  • A helpful instruction manual
  • Cat-friendly, chewable material

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D.I.Y. Silver Vine Lemon Cat Toy

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Let’s go a little back in time. While graceful European cats were lounging around catnip leaves, Asian cats were luxuriously rolling amidst silver vine lumber. Both the plants are known to heighten cat senses and give them a euphoric rush that makes them act weird and silly. Research shows that catnip impacts every two of three cats so it’s possible that your cat is one of the rare ones who aren’t big on catnip.

Research also shows that an overwhelming majority of cats, almost eighty percent of them, respond to the silver vine. Also, seventy percent of cats who are indifferent to catnip react to the silver vine. Third and last hard fact; silver vine induces a more intense euphoria in cats by activating their olfactory senses. The plant is fully feline friendly so it can be ingested by cats.

Now getting this silver vine cat toy for your feline baby won’t hurt regardless of whether your cat reacts to catnip toys or not. If she does, introduce her to the silver vine and watch her swoon. If she doesn’t, why not try silver vine toys instead? This way you and your kitty won’t be missing out on cat bliss.

You can make this cat toy by following a set of simple instructions. The vibrant yellow shade of this lemon is a treat for your eyes. The silver vine you will stuff inside this lemon will be a natural treat for your cat.

Besides, cats have been known to get attracted to brighter shades to the yellow hues of this lemon will work in your favor during playtime. The toy consists of two pieces of woven lemon shaped fabric which can be sewed to form a bag. Add to the bag our assorted, organic, potent silver vine lumber shred and then sew it in. Introduce this matatabi cat toy to your baby to bring extra joy to their life.

Include: D.I.Y. Silver Vine Lemon Cat Toy Materials Package X 1

Material: Silver Vine, Non-Woven Fabric, Sewing Kits.

Category: Silver Vine, D.I.Y., Cuddle.


Weight 50 g
Dimensions 9 × 5.5 × 1.2 cm

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