D.I.Y. Catnip Strawberry Cat Toy



This cat toy DIY set features:

  • Pink nonwoven cat-friendly fabric
  • Organic, fragrant catnip
  • A sewing kit with matching thread
  • A comprehensive instruction manual
  • Eco-friendly material

Product Materials

Catnip, Non-Woven Fabric

DIY Instruction

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This catnip cushion will be an adorable addition to your cat’s collection of good cat toys. The item contains every feline’s favorite cat spice; catnip. Catnip is a plant which contains natural compounds that arouse a cat’s olfactory senses. Catnip is a source of bliss for most cats. It is known to have a varying effect on cats.

While some become very hyper and start becoming aggressively playful, others get more relaxed and start contemplating on the truths of nine cat lives. Whether you cat gets all adorably crazy when you introduce this strawberry shaped cushion to him or whether he gets all comfortable and stretches out next to this cool cat toy, either ways you are bringing bliss to your cat’s life. To make it even better, catnip is not addictive, and it is feline friendly so you can enjoy your cat chewing and gnawing on this cat toy without worries.

This cool cat toy consists of toy cut out pieces of strawberry shaped non- woven fabric. This pink colored fruit felt skin is what you will have to sew together with the special pink tinged thread we provide you with. After forming a felt bag, you will have to fill it up with aromatic catnip we sent with the toy parts.

To finish the toy, sew around the fruit fully to seal the catnip in. The tiny cutout holes on the strawberry’s surface don’t only add to the aesthetic appeal of the cat toy; they also dissipate the catnip scent. This toy is a natural treat for your cat so don’t skip over it.

Include: D.I.Y. Catnip Strawberry Cat Toy Materials Package X 1

Material: Catnip, Non-Woven Fabric, Sewing Kits.



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Dimensions 9 × 5.5 × 1.2 cm

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