Catnip/Silver Vine Fitness Ball Combi



This fitness ball combi consists of:

  • Fully organic, ground catnip
  • Naturally grown silver vine rinds
  • Edible, cat-safe gum holding the ball together
  • Aromatic catnip/silvervine as a natural cat stimulant
  • Ecofriendly, all-natural ingredients

Product Materials

Shred Silver Vine/Catnip, Natural edible gum.

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Anyone who has a cat partner knows how playtime is the best time of the day. Not just for your kitty but for you too. Watching a happy cat frolic about is a therapeutic experience for us after a long day at work. Make your playtime special with this special catnip fitness ball. This cat toy has been made especially with your cat’s needs in mind.

We all know how catnip gets kittens all excited. This cool cat toy is made up of organic catnip, and the gum that holds it together is 100% natural gum. This means that this ball is chewable and fully edible.

Playtime is also significant for health reasons too. Your cat needs a minimum amount of physical activity per day. Kittens, in particular, are highly energetic, and they enjoy this time immensely. Engaging in physical activity ensures that your cat stays healthy and does not develop health issues like high cholesterol levels. Plus these playtime sessions will bond you and your cat together.

What can be better than a yarn ball for your sweet kitten? Well, a catnip / silvervine ball. This ball will catch the interest of your cat and keep him or her running all over the place. Play fetch with them or simply watch them paw this perfect cat toy around. With this Catnip / Silver vine cat toy, you can make your cat happy and healthy both. What can be a better gift for a cat lover (or a cat) than this chewy catnip ball?

Include: Silver vine ball X 1, Catnip Ball X 1

Material: Shred Silvervine/Catnip, Natural Edible Gum

Category: Silver vine, Catnip, Chew Toys, Dental Clean, Ball & Chase, Hunting.


Weight 48 g
Dimensions 22 × 9 × 4 cm


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