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Silver Vine Peacock Feather Teaser Toy (L 40 cm/S 25 cm Stick)


NC-2793 / NC-2794

This product features:

  • Au natural assorted feathers (including peacock plume)
  • Organic Silver Vine Sticks
  • Chewable Silver Vine lumber
  • Fully recyclable and eco-friendly components

Product Materials

Silver Vine Sticks, Peacock Feather, Feathers.

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Did you know we did not domesticate cats? Cats domesticated themselves by choosing to live near human settlements. This means that our camaraderie with cats is as ancient as civilization itself. Be that as it may, our feline mates are also natural predators with very active hunting instincts. Outdoor cats get to explore their surroundings and hunt, but indoor cats do not get much of environmental stimulation.

While staying indoors is safer for domesticated cats, and we feed them quite regularly, we often observe them getting the ‘cat crazies’ or staring longingly at the birds flying out the window. This happens not because your cat is hungry but because cats enjoy hunting for the sake of it. Now before you judge cats for being ruthless, know that hunting is a vital source of physical activity for your feline friend.

Moreover, cats need physical activity, just like humans, to keep them fit. This is why it is essential to give your cat adequate attention and set at least half an hour apart every day to ‘play’ with them.

Playtime can be made more interesting by adding all the right toys to it. Some cats love dangling toys, others like chasing balls but most cats love ‘teaser’ toys. These toys, in their shape and form, mimic a rodent or a feathery bird and get cats all excited. What else excites cats to no end? Well, silver vine!

This Silver Vine Peacock feather toy is made up of a silver vine stick, natural feathers, and a beautiful peacock feather. Wave the toy right under your cat’s nose to get him all excited. Soon, he would be pouncing on this toy with a burst of excitement. Lift the plumed cat toy or wave it side to side to watch your cat wriggle adorably. This item will make the perfect gift for a cat lover!

Include: Silver Vine Peacock Feather Teaser Toy X 1

Material: Silver Vine Stick, Peacock Feather, Feather.

Category: Silver vine, Teaser Toy.


Weight 46 g
Dimensions 65 × 9 × 3 cm
Choose Size

40cm handle, 25cm handle

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