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Panda Dental Clean Roly-Poly



This cat toy features:

  • Naturally aromatic Silver Vine Stick
  • Organic Silver Vine Gall Fruit
  • Cucurbit, loofah mat, coconut mat
  • Dangling Hemp Cords
  • Textured exterior to aid feline dental cleaning
  • All natural, environmentally friendly ingredients

Product Materials

Cucurbit, Coconut Mat, Silver Vine Stick, Loofah Mat, Feather, Catnip

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This is one of the best cat toys available in our collection because of quite a few reasons. Firstly, it will be a pleasant experience for your cat to interact with it because it is supported on a silver vine stick. A plant cats find pleasing and stimulating. To intensify that feeling, silver vine gall fruit is also attached to the piece. Secondly, this toy has a very practical purpose too. The coconut mat will tempt your curious cat into chewing it, and that will clean his teeth. Thirdly, the chew toy is made up of completely natural components. The toy is cupped in a cucurbit containing loofah mat.

Stemming from the loofah mat is a silver vine stick which supports a cutout piece of coconut mat. The ears are made from silver vine gal fruit, and hemp chords form the whiskers and the dangling ears. The whole piece is shaped like a cat face, complete with whiskers and cat ears.

You can put this piece in your cat’s play area, or you can whip it out after feeding time so your curious cat can interact with it, cleaning his whites in the process. The piece is small, and it can be carried easily, but it also has a certain rustic aesthetic to it which adds to its charm as a cat gift item. Pay tribute to the amazingness of your feline by getting him this natural treat for cats. It is a silver vine chew toy, but it also doubles as a dental cleaner. What more can you even ask for in a cat toy!

Include: Panda Dental Clean Roly-Poly X 1

Material: Cucurbit, Coconut Mat, Silver Vine Stick, Loofah Mat, Silver Vine Gall Fruit, Hemp Cord.

Category: Silver vine, Dental Clean, Cuddle.


Weight 105 g
Dimensions 26 × 19 × 8 cm

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