Corn Feather Flywheel



The product consists of:

  • Aromatic and feline friendly silver vine sticks
  • Chewable and scratch-able corn cob
  • All-natural plumage
  • Fully eco-friendly and easy-to-recycle material

Product Materials

Silver Vine Sticks, Corn Cob, Feathers

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This will be a perfect addition to your cat’s collection of toys. This cool cat toy you can buy for your cat or gift to a cat lover dear for you. Both ways, a happy cat, would be part of the equation. This organic cat toy has been fashioned to increase engagement with your wonderful feline. The article features a picked corn cob as the central piece. Fastened to both ends of this cob are silver vine sticks. This is where happiness comes in. Research shows that silver vine serves as a natural stimulant for felines. It heightens their senses and instills a feeling of euphoria in them. The best part? Silver vine a natural stimulant, so it is completely safe for cats. In addition, all cats deserve a bit of harmless fun so offering this natural treat to your cat would make the day extra-special for him. What add to the toy’s appeal are the long natural feathers sprouting from the gall fruits on both the ends. The feathers serve a special purpose.

They attract your kitty by giving the toy aesthetics of a bird. Birds, in the wild, are prey for the cats so even domestic cats get all alert when they see or hear feathers flutter. Watch your cat’s ears perk up as he approaches the feathers cautiously, watch him chew the gall fruit excitedly and run behind the corn cob to scratch it as it rolls over the floor. What would make a better sight than that now?

Include: Silver Vine Feather Flywheel X 1

Material: Silver Vine Stick, Corn Cob, Feather.

Category: Silver vine,Hunting, Chew Toy.

Weight 42 g
Dimensions 26 × 12 × 6 cm

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