You can’t blame cat parents for being wary of the cat toy options available to them. The market has been flooded with cheap, mass produced cat toys that often look vibrant too. The question that plagues the minds of all responsible cat owners next is ‘is this toy safe enough for my cat?’. You see cats, just like us (or even more than us) are extremely sensitive to toxins. Using synthetic material to make a cat toy is an attempt to make the toy cheaper. This results in a compromise on quality. In fact, a lot of cat toys have compromised pet health. This is something you would want to avoid. A very good alternative is to use innovatively shaped all natural cat toys.

Why go ‘All Natural’?

All natural cat toys are derived from materials that occur in nature. These components catch the cat’s attention owing to their cat attracting properties as with catnip oil and silver vine shreds. They are also fully organic which means that no artificial substances were used while manufacturing them. The result is a fully cat-friendly toy your cat can curiously paw around and gnaw on without you getting worried about your cat’s health.

In fact, some of our products both in regular and DIY sections are cat dental hygiene products. Other toys are designed to be fully attractive, so they catch your cat’s eye and interest almost immediately. Our manufacturing process has a series of elaborate steps that ensure the quality of each toy and preserve its texture and fragrance so your cat can get all playful with them.

What are ‘Natural Cat Stimulants’?

These are naturally occurring plants which contain compounds which arouse a cat’s olfactory senses resulting in a heightened response, alertness and euphoric bliss among cats. These stimulants occur in nature, so they are completely safe for your darling feline. They are not addictive either, and the best part is they are fully cat friendly which means that your cat has all the freedom in the world to chew on them, gnaw them and scratch them. One such stimulant is the all famous catnip which is a source of bliss for two out of three cats on average. Another, more potent one, is Silver Vine which evokes an even more intense euphoric reaction in cats. We grow our catnip organically and pick the choicest of aromatic Silver Vine fruit to use in our au natural collection and DIY collection. Go ahead, treat your cat and watch him in the throes of cat euphoria.


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