Is silvervine the latest “must have” for your cat?

Cats and catnip have been a “natural” since time immemorial. With many health benefits to offer as well as the promise of reduced nuisance behaviors, catnip earns a high ranking on most cat lovers’ grocery lists. While most cat owners have heard of catnip, fewer are aware of silvervine, yet it is quickly becoming the latest “must have” cat product in Canada.


What is silvervine?

Though silvervine is relatively new to Canadian consumers, this catnip-like substance has ancient origins. Indigenous to China and Japan, silvervine contains actinidine, a compound also common to valerian root, an herb renowned for its zen-like properties. A new commercial product now available in Canada, silvervine

offers cats all of the satisfaction and improved health boost of catnip but with one significant bonus. Silvervine is much more powerful than its herbal counterpart.


What makes silvervine a superior choice to catnip?

While catnip-based cat toys and treats are excellent health enhancers for cats, silvervine delivers a more potent punch.

Among the benefits your cat will receive from silvervine use are:


  • Reduced stress responses

Sadly, our cats are not immune to the stresses of day to day living. Some respond to disruptions to routine and other anxiety-inducing practices with indifference while others seem to be more deeply affected. Sprinkling a little silvervine over cat toys is sufficient to provide your cat with a more interesting item to engage their senses as well as instill a sense of calm in a previously unhappy cat.


  • Improved hunting ability

Silvervine is a product that induces a sense of euphoria in our cats. Though the instinct to hunt is deeply imbedded in our cats’ genetic codes, many of them become apathetic towards it after assuming the role of a pampered house pet. Interactive cat toys laced with silvervine stimulate your cat’s natural desires for play and hunting, both physically and emotionally satisfying activities for your cat.


  • Relief from medical ailments

Though documented evidence of the beneficial impact on silvervine on human medical conditions has long existed, it is only recently that the same efficacies have been recorded in cats. Silvervine is known to reduce a variety of ailments including gastrointestinal distresses, anxiety, and even more mild health annoyances such as colds and the inability to gain sufficient rest.


  • Improved connection with family members

Since silvervine use is known to improve mood in cats, bonding time with their owners is significantly increased. For a double whammy sure to increase your connection with your cat, choose silvervine-based cat treats. If the way to a cat is through his tummy, this is surely the way to go!


  • Increased sense of relaxation

Cats sometimes appear as tightly wound as a drum and could benefit from some time spent just “chilling.” Yet this is rarely on a cat’s agenda, and since cats are unable to regulate the stresses in their lives effectively, they can benefit from a little intervention by their owners. Silvervine promotes feelings of relaxation and calm, helping our cats to unwind and decompress.


  • Enhanced dental hygiene

Our cats can also suffer from dental issues. Unfortunately, they are not amenable to even the most sincere and unobtrusive attempts by their owners to improve the state of their teeth or the quality of their breath. Products such as Catnip Buds Dental Cat Treats serve two great purposes. They feed your cat’s brain while also taking better care of his body.


These great cat treats the act as a form of canine gum. The catnip induces feelings of calm and contentment while the chewing itself loosens and removes plaque and other debris. What could be better than a product that keeps your cat both happy and healthy?


Convinced a silvervine is a must have for your cat? Contact the professionals at Natural Toys 4 Cat now. Your favourite feline will thank you for it!

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