We do not blame you for wanting to know. Wanting to know more about what is a cat toy and how it is made or processed makes you a responsible cat parent. Many cat toy manufacturers either compromise on toy quality to widen their profit margins or they use material which can compromise your cat’s health. Artificial paint and toxins are just two examples of such material. Choosing a perfect cat toy now means taking into account your cat’s personality, preferences, and health.

How do we go ‘All Natural’?

Our simple yet creative toy collection is crafted with both love and care. The toys make use of organically grown plants such as catnip and silver vine. Other items used include elaborate hemp cords, Calabash, coconut mats, cucurbit and natural feathers, etc. All these items are derived from natural sources which are fully cat-friendly so you can sit back and watch your cat go wild with them.

Our manufacturing process is standardized and pretty special. After all, it helps us provide caring cat parents with all they need to make playtime exciting. We know you put your trust on us and so our manufacturing team gives their best to make you and your cat happy.

We are a close knit community. Our manufacturing team works together in an organized and efficient manner, but we also know the worth of happy employees. Our motivated employees work knowing they have a powerful support system at their backs and they are true assets to the company. The working environment is safe and clean, and the toys they manufacture are flawless.

What is the process?

We start by handpicking ingredients from organic farms. At this step, we ensure that the silver vine gall fruit we pick is aromatic and the catnip we use is potent. Then comes cleaning where we extensively clean our procured natural items followed by sun drying to enhance and preserve texture.

Then our diligent employees drill and cut the choicest pieces and assemble them into engaging cat toys. This is followed by a final round of hot air drying and sterilization which makes the toy extra safe for your feline baby. We send our products over in compact packing that preserves their essence.

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