Cat Chew Toys, The Silvervine Your Cat Will Go Crazy For!

If you are the proud owner of a cat, you know what a great feeling it is when you find a toy that drives your favorite feline wild! Many cats struggle with anxiety, and toys can provide much-needed relief for the stressed-out kitty in your life. But today’s toys seem to be super-charged now that manufacturers are starting to add silvervine to their cat chew toys. Silvervine for cats has been proven to reduce tension and increase feelings of euphoria, calm, and playfulness in cats. While toys which make use of catnip have been around for years, leading manufacturers are just now learning how to use silvervine effectively in cat chew toys to help improve the lives of cats all around the world.


Why choose a cat to chew toy with silvervine?
As a conscientious cat owner, you only want to give the very best to your kitty. So it is only natural that you would ask yourself if silvervine is suitable for cats before rushing out to buy a cat chew toy enhanced with it for your favorite kitty’s playtime pleasure.

Cat chew toys are proven stress relievers. The very act of licking and chewing releases chemicals in your cat’s body which help him to feel more at ease. But when coupled with the powerhouse silvervine for cats, the benefits are undeniable. Containing two potent attractants which act as a stimulant on your cat’s system, the natural “high” your kitty experiences improves both mood and health and reduces stress. A non-addictive, non-toxic substance, silvervine for cats is not only good for cats; its effects can be repeated on an as-needed basis without fear of overdosing, meaning it is also safe. Combining cat chew toys with silvervine for cats is a recipe for success!


What is the best cat chew toys with silvervine?
If you’re looking to add a little spice into your kitty’s life, there are lots of great silvervine-laced cat chew toys to choose from. With so many options available on the market today, it can be hard to narrow down which ones are worth plunking down your hard-earned buck to purchase. Here is a list of some of the best silvervine-enhanced cat chew toys that are cat-tested and owner-approved:


CatTwig Organic Silver Vine Catnip Alternative Stick Toy

One of the most significant selling features of this toy which contains silvervine for cats is that it is an entirely natural product, meaning you can have peace of mind that it is indeed both safe and healthy for your favorite feline to enjoy. A tool which assists in maintaining proper dental care, this awesome cat chew toy allows your kitty the opportunity to exercise his tongue and jaws, providing him with a release from the stresses and tensions in his life. With six available per package, you can throw a twig away when it seems to lose its efficacy and replace it with a new one with a fresh batch of silvervine for cats!


TwinCritters kitty crack

While TwinCritters KittiCrack is not a silvervine-based cat chew toy per se, it is a product worth adding to your shopping cart! A finely ground powder comprised of leaves from the silvervine plant, the advantage of purchasing this product is that it allows you to turn any cat chew toy into a party! Just sprinkle a small amount of the powder onto your cat’s favorite plush toy or even along his scratching post, and your cat will enjoy hours of chewing and scratching fun!


Twin Critters KittiShroom
A companion product to the TwinCritters KittiCrack, the TwinCritters KittiShroom is a kit which offers three wool toys which can be filled with silvervine to increase your kitty’s chewing satisfaction. Both durable and colorful, your cat will find these toys utterly irresistible, for sure. Best of all, a trial sized bottle of silvervine powder is included with your purchase to allow you to catch see how the use of silvervine is excellent for cats!


Thinking a silvervine-enhanced cat chew toy might be just what the doctor ordered? Order yours today! For more information, Click the link and see all fantastic silvervine toys!

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