Can silvervine take your cat’s toys to the next level?

Cats are highly intelligent creatures. In the wild, they appease their natural cunning and intellect through hunting and trapping prey. But house cats can easily become lethargic and bored. Though their natural instincts remain alive, they become stifled by a life of pampering and comfort. Boredom begins to set in which can then lead to a host of behavioral problems even in a seemingly contented cat. Providing a wide variety of toys for your cat to enjoy will help appeal to his sense of adventure, yet even the most interesting cat toys can become old hat after a while. The combination of interactive cat toys and silvervine is a winning partnership that few cats can resist. Newly available in Canada, silvervine is a miracle herb enriching cats’ lives countrywide.


What is silvervine?

Thought most cat owners are well-versed in the attributes of introducing catnip into their cat’s daily routine, far fewer are aware of the powerhouse herb silvervine. Tracing its origins to ancient China and Japan, silvervine has been in wide use for many centuries for the treatment of a variety of ailments in both humans and animals. Silvervine is a powerful edible product which enhances feelings of joy, contentment, and calmness in cats. When combined with engaging cat toys or added to cat treats, your cat reaps the benefits of improved mental well-being and feelings of overall satisfaction. Though in Canada catnip has borne the lion’s share of the herbal market for cats, silvervine is quickly gaining in popularity.


What are the best toys to keep your cat stimulated?

For your cat to enjoy the greatest results from the use of silvervine when combined with cat toys, it is important to source things that will maintain your cat’s attention and that are conducive to retaining a sprinkling of silvervine.  The best means to achieve this goal is to aim for variety and to choose interactive cat toys that will stimulate your cat’s brain while also providing powerful health benefits for his body.


Among the best cat toy options available on the market today are:

  • Catnip/Silver Vine Fitness Bal Combi

Available from Natural Toys 4 Cat, the Catnip/Silver Vine Fitness Bal Combi is comprised of both naturally sourced, finely ground catnip and organic silvervine. The ball is formed through the use of an edible adhesive to create a cat toy with hours of chewing satisfaction to offer your cat.


  • Panda Dental Clean Roly Poly

Derived from all organic materials including loofah, coconut mats, hemp products, silvervine stick, and silvervine gall fruit, this cat toy is popular amongst cats and their owners. This particular feline favourite not only provides mental stimulation but also doubles as a dental aid to help keep Frisky’s teeth pearly white.


  • Feather Chew Toys

Silvervine-scented feather toys offer the best in cat treats and toys all rolled into one! Choose from a variety of styles to appeal to your cat’s unique preferences.


  • Catnip-Scented Stuffed Toys

Dogs aren’t the only ones who liked stuffed toys! Your cat may enjoy sinking his chompers into a stuffed pumpkin or alligator enhanced with the aroma of one his most beloved scents. Double his pleasure with the lasting euphoric effects of catnip which helps to promote feelings of contentedness and peace.


How much silvervine can you add to old cat toys?

Maybe you’ve already got nearly every interactive cat toy on the market, and you just need to add a little extra life to your cat’s toy repertoire. If so, you don’t necessarily need to buy new cat treats or toys, you can simply purchase silverline powder to add to the toys your cat already knows and loves. Experts say that it takes very little silvervine to produce beneficial results in your cat. As little as 0.5 g can be sprinkled over your cat’s favourite toy to provide up to half an hour of idyllic relaxation for him.

Since silvervine is a natural means to reduce stresses, it is suitable for daily use. It can greatly enrich your cat’s play time and mental stimulation leading to increased emotional and physical well-being.

Think silvervine just might be the “cat’s meow”? Learn more about this beloved cat product at Your cat will thank you for it!

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