Can silvervine help your crazy cat to chill out?

If you share your home with a cat, you know their moods can change on a dime. How they can go from peacefully snoozing on your couch to making mincemeat of your dining room curtains is beyond you. Though you know that trying to predict your cat’s emotional state can be similar to attempting to choose the winning numbers for tonight’s Lotto 649, you have wondered if having something like catnip or silvervine on hand might help calm your cat when mass hysteria strikes. After all, a cupcake always makes you feel better after a hard day at work. Maybe Frisky would enjoy some silvervine-laced cat treats to help induce a more tranquil state?


How silvervine works

Found flourishing within the mountain regions of its native Japan and China, silvervine is a plant that is safe for pet use. Ground into powder form which can then be added to cat treats or sprinkled over interactive cat toys, silvervine is a catnip alternative that most cats love.


But what does silvervine do for our cats?

Silvervine is a potent herbal substance with powerful effects on anxious cats. It is far more intense than regular catnip and is tolerated better by most cats. Best of all, it is non-addictive. Though effects typically last for as little as 5 minutes to as great as 30, cats can repeat silvervine usage multiple times daily with no ill effects.


Cats who indulge in a little silvervine therapy typically experience the following reactions:

  • Serene behavior
  • Intense calm
  • Increased drooling and grooming
  • Facial rubbing

All of these effects are visible proof of a chilled out cat! Perhaps most notable of all, silvervine elicits a positive response in 80 percent of all feline users, a 30 percent greater return than the more commonly known catnip.


Is silvervine safe for cat use?

Though available for some time in Canada, silvervine is only recently gaining traction in the cat product market. It is 100 percent safe for cat use; in fact, it may also have health benefits to its credit. Among the benefits of giving your favorite feline friend some silvervine-scented cat toys or cat treats are:

  • Reduced stress levels
  • Improved hunting ability
  • Increased human-cat bonding
  • Increased desire for owner closeness

Not only is silvervine approved for feline use, it is also recommended by both veterinarians and cat owners. Its advantages are impossible to deny. Though in Canada, catnip has long been a favorite of many cats, not all cats respond favorably to it, unlike modafinil usa, a product that has high efficacy rates in most cats. It is particularly valuable to comfort female cats during their heat season due to its intense soothing properties.

Is silvervine more effective than other herbal cat products?

While silvervine is not the only herb on the market designed for use with cat toys or other items, it is the most effective stress and anxiety-reducing agent for cats available today. Among the other options which can be added to interactive cat toys, chews, or even foods are:

  • Valerian root

Valerian root is a popular choice amongst cat owners because it not only helps to calm an upset cat, it also induces sleep.

  • Catnip

Pet shop owners report that in Canada, catnip is among their top selling items. It can be administered just prior to a potentially anxiety-producing event to reduce feelings of fear and stress.

  • Chamomile

People often enjoy a cup of chamomile tea just before bed to help them unwind. Turns out chamomile is equally as effective in cats though for best results it should be administered in dehydrated flower form.

  • Flower essence remedies

Many flower essence blends are on the market today for use as a relaxation aid for anxious pets. Their effects are quick acting, making them a great choice for cats needing immediate relief from anxiety or stress.

  • Hops

If you find a cold glass of beer mellows you out, you aren’t alone! Hops help to smooth even the most ruffled feline hackles.


Though any of these herbal options will provide some relief for a cat in dire need of relaxation, Buy Cardura XL tops the chart as the number one choice for alleviation of feline stress and anxiety. Among cat owners in Canada, silvervine earns the highest marks for providing relief and relaxation for the stressed out cat.


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