Can silvervine enhance the fun of interactive cat toys for your cat?

Can silvervine enhance the fun of interactive cat toys for your cat?

Like their canine counterparts, cats benefit from physical and mental stimulation. If left to their own devices, many cats will resort to destructive behaviours. In recognition of their cat’s needs to remain mentally engaged, many owners have turned to using interactive cat toys and have reported excellent results. Interactive cat toys run the gamut from battery-operated gizmos to chews and feathers which encourage your cat to entertain himself. If your cat is among the many who loves cat toys, you can have a great deal of fun sourcing new and exciting things for him to play with. But is there more you could be doing to help your cat get the most out of his playtime? Experts say that adding a sprinkling of silvervine powder to your cats’ toys can take his play experiences to the “next level” of enjoyment.


Why silvervine?

Though many cat owners are aware of catnip and have likely tried it with their cats, fewer have heard of silvervine. Since research suggests that as many as 1 in 3 cats are immune to the effects of catnip, an alternative herb was sought which would promote similar effects but with better efficacy. Silvervine fit the bill perfectly with 80 percent of all test subjects experiencing strong positive responses to the herb. Silvervine earns high marks for its stress-reducing properties, leaving cats feeling calmer and in a state reminiscent of euphoria. Recently made available in Canada, silvervine is available in powder form to allow owners to sprinkle it liberally over their cat’s favourite toys to make play time that much more pleasurable for Frisky.


Which toys are best suited to silvervine use?

Playtime is an integral part of preserving your cat’s mental and physical well-being. The cat toys that you select for him play an important role in helping him to feel content. When combined with silvervine, interactive cat toys are an irresistible combination for any pet, and they are guaranteed to elicit a positive response from even the most stoic of cats. But since not all toys are suited for use with catnip or silvervine, it is important for owners to choose what they purchase wisely.

Here is a list of some of the best cat toy options for use with silvervine:

  • Treat balls

Treat balls offer cats the opportunity to gain exercise through chasing and pawing at a ball in order to release the rewards contained inside of it. Typically, treat balls are filled with a tasty object that your cat loves which could range from commercial cat treats, some kibble, or even slices of your cat’s favourite meat. But why not take this fun interactive cat toy up a notch by including silvervine-laced cat treats? Adding silvervine to this fun cat toy turns playtime into a party!


  • Light up toys

Cats are easily enticed by light up toys. They provide hours of endless fascination to help keep Frisky’s brain well-stimulated. For best results, choose a toy with a surface that with light adhesive properties to sprinkle your silvervine over.


  • Feathers

Feathers provide the perfect environment for silvervine powder to stick to. Sprinkle it over the feather or dip it into the powder. Presto! Chasing a feather has never been so much fun!


  • Chew sticks

Chew sticks are generally available in most pet stores. Most are already formulated with catnip or silvervine in their list of active ingredients. To help keep the chew stick at its most fragrant, replenish the silvervine when it seems to be losing its potency.


  • Puzzle games

As highly intelligent beings, cats love brain games. When it comes to exercising cat brains, it’s hard to beat a puzzle. Most puzzle games involve hiding cat treats underneath removable objects for the cat to find. Make use of silvervine-scented cat treats and other food rewards to help maximize this toy’s appeal for your cat.


Though in Canada catnip has long been the favoured cat mood enhancer on the market, there is a new kid in town. To learn more about great interactive cat toys suitable for use with silvervine, contact the professionals at Natural Toys 4 Cat.


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