About our Cat Toys

Every cat parent knows playtime is extra special. No matter how busy your routine is, you should take some time out for your meowing piece of floor. Playtime is integral to the well-being of cats, and when we say cats, we mean all cats. From tiny playful kittens to elderly citizens of the feline world and everyone in between because playtime entails exercise and exercise is a prerequisite for perfect health. It’s not just the physical health we are talking about here.

Playtime is that time of the day where you interact with your cat and gives them your full attention. This makes your cat mate more responsive to you. It also helps you foster a deep bond with your cat. Your cat deserves special treatment because cats are regal as they come so treat them with our collection of cat-friendly natural cat toys.

Natural Cat Toys:

Make playtime something both you and your cat would look forward to with these toys. The toys are fashioned out of all natural ingredients which mean that no artificial material was used in their manufacture. This makes this toys fully ethical, hygienic and even beneficial for your cat. Our collection features an assortment of toys which come in different shapes, sizes and forms.

Natural cat stimulants such as catnip and silver vine have frequently been used to increase the appeal of the toy for your cat. Some toys are vibrant in color, so they catch your cat’s eyes almost immediately. Other toys are dangly, and we all know how much cats love dangling toys. Other toys yet feature a chewy exterior or fluttery plumage to appeal to the hunting instincts of your baby.



DIY Collection:

This collection has a bit for everyone. While your cat gets an all natural toy that contains organic, cat safe stimulants, you get to explore your creative abilities by building the toy for your cat. You will get the joy of serving your cat all by yourself and then watch it pounce on an au natural toy. Most toy kits come with tools such as needle bar, a complete set of components (including catnip or silver vine) and an illustrated instruction manual with easy to follow steps. Have a great time!

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